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Aaron Sanchez, Math

Acapella Club

Agustin Lopez, Math


Alfred Tarazon, PE

Allen Monroe, English

Andrew Aguailar, Health/Science

Andrew Carrillo, Special Education

Andrew Felder, Special Education

Andrew Maetze, Math

Andrew Mostowa, Math and AVID

Anime Club AVID

Ashley Alejo, Special Education

Beach Volleyball

Book Club

Boys Basketball

Boys/Girls Golf

Boys/Girls Swim

Boys/Girls Volleyball

Boys/Girls Waterpolo

Carina Casillas, ELD

Chad Meyring, Industrial Technology

Chess Club

Chris Conte, Social Science

Club Green

Collins Nicole, Math

Collins Ricard, Social Science

Cross Country Tennis

Dan Wade, Social Science

Dance and Drill Team

David Guenther, Math

Debra Gallagher, Culinary Arts

Drama Club

Dustin Duran, Math

Earl Jr. Carter, Special Education

Eduardo Reyes, Special Education

Eduardo Rivas, Science

Elizabeth Segovia, English

Ellen Acevedo, English

Emily Meyer, Special Education

Eric Montijo, English

Erick Garcia, ELD

Eva D'Ambrosio, Science

Evelia Hernandez, Math

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (F.C.C.L.A)

Feminist Club FNL

Flavio Valdes, Math

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

Future Medical Professionals Club

Girls Basketball

Henry Lobo, Social Science

High Crawford, Social Science

Itzel Alarcon, English

Jaime Moreno, Social Science

Jason McClurg, Math

Javier Cervantes, Health

Jeff Staniland, Social Science

Jennifer Navarro, English

Jenny Hopkins, Science

Jeremy Gomez, ROTC

Jeremy Winton, Social Science

Jessica Britton, Math

Joann McQuaid, Science

John Castellano, PE

Jonathan McCabe, Science

Joseph Dawon, CTE/Robotics

Joy Fuqua, Special Education

Kasimira Bablyon, English

Kathleen Curran, English

Kelly Churchman, Science

Kelly Sheeran, Special Education

Kevin David, Social Science

Kim Kavanagh, Special Education

Kristen Robles, Science

Kyle Schommer, Social Science

Laura Burleigh, Special Education

Laura Taylor, Math

Laurel Smith-Michel, Science

Lori Reszel, Special Education

Mari Vogt, Culinary Arts/CTE

Maria Genovese, Art

Maria Romeo, Social Science

Mariel Kaikaina, PE

Mark Cordes, PE

Mark Martinez, Social Science

Matthew Hill, English

Melissa Larochelle, Special Education

Melvina Barnes, Special Education

Mental Health Awareness Club

Miguel Galindo, PE

Monique Hernandez, Science

National Honors Society

Nicholas McNeil, Science

Nicholas Peterson, Science

Nicolas Montgomery, Math

Nicole Johnson, Science

Olivia Howells, Math

Patrick Casey, English

Percy Datcher, Gov/Econ

Photography Club

Rebecca Hopple-Cuellar, Business and Finance

Red Cross Club

Renee Thomas, Math

Robert Henchy, Science

Robotics Club

Sam Nese, Social Science

Sandra Waterbury, Special Education

Sandy Tatelman, Special Education

Science Club

Sierra Kaval, English

Sports Medicine Club

Stacy Sherman, Special Education

Stephen Garretson, Special Education

Tamara Timmons, PE

Teal Club

Thomas McGuirk, English

Tirza Estrada, Social Science

Ukelele Club

Unified Club

Vance Claycamp, Math

Varsity Club

Weight Lifting Club

Woodworking/ Skills USA Club


Yearbook Club

Young Life Club

Yuri Pineda, Math


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